We'll Make Dinner!

Things have really changed in the last few months!

As a hugger, I've become painfully aware of the social distancing phenomenon. I don't like it but I understand it. Even a trip to pick up needed supplies causes anxiety. My wife is on the same tank of gas she had in March.

What if I could do something to help lessen your anxiety? Maybe it would help if you could skip the grocery store or at least make it a quick trip. Most of us are accustomed to the school system doing their best to use up some of our kids' energy but that's not happening right now. My son is a ball of dynamite. Do you want to take an hour to make dinner only to see it gone in 5 minutes, leaving you with a sink full of dishes? Maybe I can help with that too.

Mid March I was forced to put a thought that was lingering in a corner of my mind into action. I launched a chef-prepared meal delivery service to the county where I live, Prince William.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday you may see a Cookin' It Up! delivery truck bringing meals to your neighbors all across the county. the meals are delivered cold and ready for your refrigerator or freezer. Pop one in the microwave and 3 minutes later you're ready to enjoy a meal ranging from Cajun Jambalaya to Fettucine Shrimp Alfredo. Wash your fork or don't. That's your call.

These are the same meals you'll pay upwards of $15 each for in a restaurant but, because we can make them more efficiently, we can offer them to you for as little as $11 each.

The selections are tempting. Look for yourself. www.cookinitup.com.

Thanks for your support!